Safe Food Storage

How Should I Store My Food/Garbage?

Whether you are a lifelong resident of Island Park or just visiting, we must all do our part to secure our food to avoid attracting bears. By safely securing our food and trash, we protect the lives of our loved ones and the bears. Bears are wild and need to stay wild. Never purposely leave food or other attractants outside to attract a bear. 

Often, bears get into trouble because of improperly secured food. Once bears find an easy meal, they will return, hoping to score again. When bears eat human food, they can lose their preference for natural food sources and their fear of humans. When this happens, bears can get into trouble by breaking into homes, cars, sheds, etc. Unfortunately, because these bears become habituated, many are euthanized. 

If you live or are staying at a rental in Island Park, please do your part by using a bear-resistant container and storing your garbage in a secure location, like a garage, when possible. Using IGBC-certified bear-resistant containers is recommended. Actual grizzly bears have tested IGBC-certified bear-resistant products and have met stringent requirements that make them challenging for bears to access. Bear-resistant trash cans, dumpsters, and food containers are highly recommended for storing trash or food outside your home. Do not leave food outdoors for extended periods.

Click here to learn more about bear-resistant containers in our area and the discounts we have secured. 

Be Aware of Smells!

Never leave food or any other attractants in your tent or backpack when camping in the Island Park area. Use bear-resistant containers when provided, or bring bear-resistant canisters if you are backpacking. Pack out any garbage you may accumulate; never bury or burn it.  Check with local authorities for food-storage requirements. 

Bears Can Smell From Miles Away

Bears have a fantastic sense of smell and an endless appetite. No matter where you are in Island Park, always be aware that any scents may attract bears. Do your part by implementing these bear-safe practices to protect the lives of your loved ones and the bears who call Island Park home. 

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