CALL TO ACTION: Tell the sheriff and the county commissioners that you support an ordinance for secure trash storage in Fremont County for public safety and to keep people and bears safe. Click here to access contact information for the Fremont County elected officials. 

For more than two years, residents have called for an ordinance to secure trash storage in Fremont County. Every year, there are more bear incidents in Island Park, some of which have led to bear attacks. Bears can be unpredictable and very dangerous.

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Any food reward – from a bird feeder full of tasty seeds or sugar water to a bowl of dog food on the deck to the contents of an overturned trash can –  teaches bears to approach people. 

The best way to eliminate attractants like food and trash is through an ordinance requiring that all trash be stored securely or in a certified bear-resistant container. This ordinance will not only save the lives of the people who live and recreate in Fremont County but will also prevent the tragic killing of our precious wildlife when they become habituated to human food.

Island Park has an ordinance that requires all residential properties to use IGBC-certified bear-resistant garbage containers or only place non-certified trash containers outdoors during select hours on the day of trash pickup. The non-certified containers must be resecured and stored inside an enclosed building or a bear-resistant enclosure. Many homes and short-term rentals in Island Park do not fall within city limits, which is why Fremont County needs to enact a bear-resistant container ordinance.

Island Park City Ordinance

Visit this page regularly for updates on topics like these:

  • Updates on the requirements of a trash storage ordinance once passed and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • The ordinance will cover only people living in certain designated areas. What areas will be considered bear country where secure trash storage is required?
  • If people can store their trash in a secure garage or shed, they don’t need to spend money on a bear-resistant container.
  • We will work to secure discounts on purchases and provide financial assistance for low-income people who may need help paying for a bear-resistant trash can.
  • We will tell homeowners where to purchase a certified bear-resistant container or get a discount.
  • Watch for our weekly ads in the Island Park News all summer, with tips about bear safety, visiting or living in bear country, how to use bear spray and much more. We aim to reach everyone living in or visiting Island Park, including hunters, anglers, campers, and other recreationists.

Where To Find A Bear-Resistant Trash Container

Westmart (West Yellowstone)

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Why Food Storage Is So Important

Whether you are a lifelong resident of Island Park or just visiting, we must all do our part to secure our food to avoid attracting bears. By safely securing our food and trash, we protect the lives of our loved ones and the bears. Bears are wild and need to stay wild. Never purposefully leave food or other attractants outside to attract a bear. Read more by clicking here. 

Photo credit: Grizzly “Sam” on trash can image by Gretchen Heine